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    Word of the party had been spread via social media, and it attracted students at high schools from the Albany area and western Massachusetts, Holloway said. Holloway, who’s now a motivational speaker, said he gave anti-drug and alcohol talks at some of those same schools during his playing days, which included an appearance in Super Bowl XX, when the Patriots lost to the Chicago Bears.
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    "[The course] played a lot longer today, obviously with a little cooler temperatures and a little bit of drizzle, the golf played really long," said Woods, who noted he hit driver on "almost every hole.
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    More worrisome to some experts is that even modest improvements in the U.S. accident rate essentially stopped around 2010. “So far this year, we’re seeing an uptick in U.S. accidents,” said Scott Burgess, who heads the helicopter operations program at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and serves on two major U.S. industry safety groups. “It’s pretty clear,” Mr. Burgess said in an interview, that many accidents “come down to pilot decision-making.”
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    Government-run health insurance exchanges started operatingon Oct. 1, and the deal does not alter a requirement thatindividuals obtain coverage starting on Jan. 1 or pay a taxpenalty. The deal still requires passage in both the Senate andHouse of Representatives.
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    The plant usually employs around 700 people, mostlyAlgerians, and at the time of the siege BP had 20 people at theplant while Statoil had 17. There were also dozens of foreignsubcontractors on the site.
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    LB Quinton Coples is expected to play for the Jets after making a fast recovery from a fractured ankle. That could add versatility to the defense. WR Santonio Holmes (foot) was limited in practice but will play while WR Jeremy Kerley (concussion) returns. The Bills have been playing without their top two DBs but ball-hawking S Jairus Byrd (plantar fasciitis) has been inching toward a return.
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    Introduced in a short story in a 1938 edition of the Saturday Evening Post, an American magazine, the courageous collie became the star of the 1943 film Lassie Come Home, opposite Elizabeth Taylor.
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    Police arrested Andrews-Potter right after the incident and subsequently released her, and a warrant was issued for her arrest on Wednesday. It was not immediately known if she had retained a lawyer in the case and attempts to reach her for comment were unsuccessful.
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    “Various peaceful opposition rallies have taken place in Phnom Penh and elsewhere and there is potential for further political rallies or protests until the dispute is resolved,” said the Foreign Office on its website. “A mass protest took place peacefully on September 7. On September 15 a second mass protest took place. Roadblocks were set up around Phnom Penh causing traffic disruption and some clashes occurred between protesters and police in central Phnom Penh. The protests are set to continue on September 16 and 17. You should avoid such gatherings, follow local media and monitor [the Foreign Office's] travel advice for updates.”
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    “[It] just proves that, no matter what, you can progress with your life,” he said of his teammates.  “You can do things beyond any imagination that you ever thought was possible.”
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    That’s what the Republican tactic on immigration reform, announced last Wednesday by the Speaker of the House after a much-publicized closed-door meeting with his party, was for all those who had claimed victory after the Senate passed its immigration bill.
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    Her birth, to parents Lesley and John, attracted controversy at the time. Religious leaders expressed concern over the use of artificial intervention and some raised fears that science was creating babies who could experience medical difficulties later in life.
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    Crown Currency Exchange and partner business Crown Holdings Ltd, went into administration in October 2010 owing £16 million and leaving as many as 8,000 people without foreign currency they had bought in advance to get a better exchange rate.
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