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“Preserving the past for future generations”


The Penacook Historical Society - A Bird's Eye View of Penacook
A bird's eye view of Penacook

Happy New Year!

We are starting the year of events off in just two short weeks, January 29 with a video. Yes, this is a Thurs. night but at 6 PM on this night we thought it would be nice to get folks out to see a film with popcorn and hot chocolate with friends. So, please come and bring a friend or two!

Now, a little about the film from penacookfilms.com and Althea Barton, the Producer. "This project is everything Penacook Films is about: Documenting the past, capturing the present, and creating the future through filmmaking. John Brookfield, author of an upcoming book on the Civil War-era musicians whose music put Penacook on the map, met us at the statue in Boudreau Square for a walking tour. Guaranteed you will be surprised by the history of our little village! You will see views of Village St. during its redesign, and hear music from the historic Port Royal Bandbooks played on period instruments by the fantastic Wildcat Regiment Band of Home, PA." Here is a short trailer.

Where else can you actually go out and see a movie for the price of getting there?

Stay tuned for more events this year to celebrate our 250th Anniversary as Concord. A neat website to visit with details of upcoming events is Concord250.org

Thanks for visiting and check out our Facebook page here.



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